• where is my pictures???

    is it included in one of the xml documents????
    I imported the files to worldpress but there is no option to view pictures !!!
    where is all my uploaded pictures from Xanga !?!?!??!?!

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  • The photos should be linked in the posts in your downloadable archives... if you've imported the archives to WordPress somewhere, you should be able to right-click on the photos and download each of them. (We're continuing to serve everyone's photos for now, so they should all be available!)

    I will investigate and see if there's a way we can offer an easy downloadable archive of the photos as well...

  • I would also like the ability to pull just my photo albums down. I had a lot of things uploaded that did not make it in to posts, and the XML files only show me the links to those. I would however like the ability to pull down the entire photo album(s).

    This should get updated in the most recent blog post on the Xanga Team blog, I think would make a lot of the users feel more comfortable about their data.

  • @mothergeek - I'll post an update on this to the blog this week!

  • i have uploaded all the files to wordpress and i dont see my pictures anywhere??????
    theres no link says photo album

  • @cuteppsc - Your pictures should appear in your blog posts, where they've been linked.

    We're looking into providing a separate download with your photos in it. That's what you would be able to upload to a Media Gallery or photo album provider elsewhere...

  • well i didnt linked those pictures,i uploaded those pictures to my xanga photo album because they are private!!!
    and now i can't find them

  • @john - Still looking for that update to a separate download of the pictures, do you have any more information to add yet?

  • @john any update on the photos??? i really need them !!!

  • Hi there,

    Do your pictures show up here when you log into your account in your dashboard?

    There is a field that says "Xanga photos" on the left hand side of the dashboard. Do you see your photos there?

    Eugenia at xanga.com

  • no i do not see it !! @eugenia

  • @cuteppsc -Hmm...are there no photos that are showing up in your "Xanga Photos" page or you don't have a "Xanga Photos" page at all?

    Also I noticed you have several other Xanga user accounts:


    Could any of the photos you're looking for be in those accounts?


  • Hi i was also wondering about my pictures! I imported my archives to wordpress and none of them show up there and none show up in "xanga photos" on xanga either.

  • @nere_810- Do recall the age of your photos or remember what year they were uploaded into your Xanga account?


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