• where is my blog???

    xanga you disappoint me. where are my archived blogs?? bring back our blogs or you will go down in flames. crashandburn out.

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  • I'm devastated. I was with Xanga since 1999. Countless pictures of my life for years upon years, countless poems, writings, life stories, countless graphic art I made, skins I made, all gone. The archives they left for us to download are NOT complete - I'm missing countless blogs/posts, countless - and when viewing my photos, 99.9% of them are gone. I had 3 sites on Xanga, each of them very near and dear to my heart, my memories and filled with my very soul and 99% of everything is gone. I feel as though they literally ripped pages out of the book of my life and threw them away. During the time they were apparently "giving an online heads up about this migration" - I was one year out of cancer recovery and my mother was nearing death. I had no way of knowing this was happening in 2013 - WHY they didn't email every single solitary registered user with this information is beyond me. People, MANY people I know, all of us ORIGINAL Xanga users, who were with them from the very inception of the site, ALL had countless pieces of our lives being held on Xanga's site and NONE OF US were given a heads up that this was happening, by what should have been email communication to every single solitary registered user. I came on tonight to "visit" my old life - go down memory lane, see all of the beautiful words and poetry, laughter and artwork I used to create - to see my old pictures ... and all I found was a broken site with nearly everything gone. I'm broken hearted.


  • Hi there,

    Your blog post for http://brooklynheart.xanga.com/ have been archived... they are saved and available for a free download!

    You can download them by signing in here:

    When you have a copy of your blog posts on your own computer, you can do one of two things:

    1. Upload your archives to another site that's compatible with your blog archives.

    WordPress.com is one such free site... more information on how to import your archives into WP here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/import/import-from-xanga/

    2. Upgrade your account to Xanga 2.0, and continue blogging on Xanga.
    You can use PayPal (can also pay via credit card through this page) to purchase a one-year membership for Xanga 2.0: http://bit.ly/1dcERuj

    If you choose this option please forward your Paypal confirmation email along with your username to help@xanga.net, we will get your site upgraded ASAP.

    Eugenia at xanga.com


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