• Some pictures lost after 2.0 Migration.

    Some of my pictures were lost after the 2.0 Migration. I believe it's not a isolated incidence, that other users have the same problem too. Please fix the problem as soon as possible ! Thanks !

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  • Looks like all the pictures are in your blogs. Did you check the tab along the left side that says "Xanga Pictures"?

  • Some of mine are missing as well. Some are there, others aren't. (and they're missing in the "xanga pictures" too.

    Would like to get them back please. :)

  • @Superbuds- I've asked our tech team to take a look. Hope to hear back soon! Thanks!

  • Thanks @egenia. I appreciate it. I was one of the ones that the tech team was looking into why i was never able to archive my photos b/f the migration. After the migration, all my photos didn't make it over.... Any help would be appreciated!

  • @eugenia, have you heard anything from the tech team about the missing pics?

  • @eugenia, still hoping for some help in this. Have you heard anything from the tech team on my missing photos? Before the migration they were looking into why mine wouldn't archive... now i'm still waiting for them to all get into my blog. I know i'm one of 2 million blogs that they're working on. Just wondering if you've heard anything.

  • 求求你我也想找回我的相!!! 十萬個請求!!

  • ALL of mine under ALL 3 of my usernames (BrooklynHeart, Mugzee, PlanetDream) are gone as well. They "claim" the archive saved them all and that's NOT true. The zip file contains TONS of comments, but not 99% of my blogs - as my blogs were always setup with code - I used code in all of my blogs (background, spacing, etc.) and NONE of them are in any of the archives in all 3 of my sites. Additionally, 2 of my sites (BrooklynHeart and Mugzee), which were my original, are missing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PICTURES - PERSONAL PICTURES AND PERSONALLY MADE GRAPHIC ART. I'm devastated. I was an original Xangan, there from the very onset of the sight and shared not only an enormous part of my life through my posts - but also an enormous amount of poetry, writing and more. Xanga WAS IRRESPONSIBLE in NOT emailing out a mass email to EVERY SINGLE REGISTERED account to advise them of what was about to take place, giving everyone an opportunity to save their stories, writings, poetry, pictures and artwork. A part of my life, my heart - was stored on Xanga and they did NOTHING to ensure that I wouldn't lose it all. These are memories I cannot get back or replace. I need all 3 of my sites archived properly, with ALL of my posts, coded or not, available to me - all 3 of my sites to have EVERY picture and graphic available to me as well.

    I can be contacted at KimberlyRoad@aol.com and would appreciate the professional courtesy, loyalty courtesy to an original Xangan and respect of hearing back from SOMEONE advising me that they are taking care of this for me - and where, and when I can find ALL of my stuff, under all 3 of my usernames, including pictures, blogs (coded or not), poetry, graphics, writing and more.


  • How do I delete old photos? I went to Xanga Photos and there is no option to delete them. The only thing it does when you click on them is makes them bigger. Also my blog I use to have is gone.

  • How did you even find your photos?


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