delete this account. I do not want it, and the last request I made for this was approximately a month ago.
    This is a breach of privacy. Users have no way to delete their accounts, even the "free" version that only allows us to comment and view others' blogs.
    Making the archives available is all well and good, however when a user SPECIFICALLY REQUESTS that their archives and/or their account is deleted then becomes an issue of privacy.
    This is my SECOND attempt to have my account deleted. I have noticed that many users who seek help in this "Help Forum" are NOT getting any issues resolved, ESPECIALLY those who seek account deletion.
    This account is linked to my personal e-mail account, which is WHY I want it deleted. I have no more use for Xanga, and quite frankly am frustrated that only those who actually have active and paid accounts are getting ANY issues resolved.
    This is no longer a plea or a request, this is a demand.

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  • Hi there,

    Can you please email me at help@xanga.net with the following information so I can help you delete your account:

    Full Name
    Email address associated with the account

  • While I want my account deleted, I do not see how you can not do this through Xanga itself. My username is clearly stated at the bottom of my Help request thing. As well as this comment. My information is found in my "Xanga Profile".

    However, I will e-mail the information - but know that I do have reservations, the main one being that this may be phishing for information as a similar request for deletion was answered by you approximately 50 minutes ago from the time of this reply requesting not only Full Name, Username, and e-mail but also a birthdate. While another, from 2 days ago ask only for full name and e-mail.

    Inconsistencies in requested information can cause one to become suspicious of someone who, up until 2 days ago, offered no help to those who needed it. Might help if TheXangaTeam blog posted the usernames of those who are working on their end who are resolving help requests so that we know who is really here to help and who is phishing for info. Just a thought.

  • Hi! Just sent you an email. Thanks!

    Eugenia at xanga.com


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