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    Hi I've a Xanga account and I don't remember the password but I would really like to retrieve my old entries (my golden high school years!). Unfortunately I think the email I used for that account is outdated as well (it has been deleted by hotmail because of years of inactive use, or whatever reason). So I cannot use the Forget Password and email reset type of function. How can I go around it?

    For example, say my old email address is computer@hotmail.com, my current active email is computer@gmail.com. I actually have another account on Xanga using my current active email which I was able to retrieve the entries of my college years (thank god!) Anyways, is there a way to please please retrieve my old 'high school' account? I know my old username, i just don't remember my password.

    I'm pretty sure I did sign in at least once in the past 5 years... but I really don't remember the password now..

    Really appreciate any help on this!

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