• old photos/blog archives/data migration


    When I look at the photos section, only a few photos show up, I think they are the most recent 15 or so. Is there a way to access all of the photos I've uploaded to my blog in the past?

    I've lost all of my photos from my high school years and am dying to get some back. I remembered uploading photos to xanga in high school and would really appreciate if I could gain access to them somehow.

    Also, I downloaded my old blog archives and they come up as html script. Is there a way to see them as I normally would, as a blog?

    I read the information about xanga 2.0 but my blog doesn't show up, so I guess that means I haven't logged on in the last couple of years. Is there still a way to get my data migrated to the new xanga 2.0?

    Please help!

    Thank you,

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