• Missing Username/Email/Data Migration

    I had a blog that it says never existed, but it was my main blog for many years. The email address that it was associated with was an AOL one that I can not longer access.

    The blog was xanga.com/girlwhoshallremainanonymous (girl who shall remain anonymous).

    I desperately want it back. DESPERATELY.

    I'm able to login under a different older blog xanga.com/courtneyinkansas but the data of the blog has still not shown up. I've been waiting since I donated.

    I'd love to get the data back for both of them.

    email: courtneysermone@gmail.com

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  • Hi Courtney,

    Do you recall the old email address you used to use for Xanga? Could you please verify that email address for me?

    I can help you reset your email to your current email address.

    Eugenia at xanga.com


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