• Linking name for easier finding

    I was told I needed to find link my name to my comments so it would be easier to find my site.
    I've looked and cannot find anything to help me understand how to do this. I'm assuming that the name displayed beside my avatar is not a link they can follow.... HELP Please :)

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  • Hi there,

    I'd like to help you but I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you mean the username link that's left on other Xanga sites? For people to find their way back to your site from another Xanga site where you left a comment? Or any please where you leave a comment on another blog?

    Sorry if you could provide more details I'll do my best to help.

    Eugenia at xanga.com

  • Yes I think you are correctly understanding the jist of my question.

    When I make/ leave a comment on another site, my username next to my avatar says; Blue_Moon1

    it is plain with black letters, as above. Others names are blue, and when I hover over the name and click on it, it is a link that takes me to their site page.

    I'm trying to understand what I need to do so mine will become a link that people can click on, and be taken to my site.

    Thank you Eugenia , for your help. I'm not computer illiterate, but wordpress drives me nuts because nothing is intuitive... to me at least.

  • Could you please show me where this is happening? If you could copy the url for a comment you've left I can check it out and see why this is happening.



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