• How Do I Renew My Expired Subscription?

    My premium account has been inactive for over a year now and my blog subscription has expired.
    I can find absolutely no options on my Account Management page or anywhere else which will allow me to renew (and pay for) a Premium Account.
    The thing is, I can still access my blog and all of my articles are still up and accessible, but I seem to be locked out of the ability to renew my account and begin to post new articles and stuff.
    Does anybody know how to renew their account?

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  • Hi there,

    When your subscription expires you can pay for another year of service here: http://bit.ly/1dcERuj

    If you choose to do this please forward your Paypal confirmation email along with your username to eugenia@xanga.net, we will add another year of service ASAP.

    Thanks for supporting Xanga!

    Eugenia at xanga.com


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