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    Hi Eugenia—

    To no avail, I've tried hunting up cached versions of my old Xanga from the Wayback Machine and Google, and I don't believe it met the conditions for being restored in Xanga 2.0.

    Is there any way that (1) Xanga still has it somewhere, and (2) that I'd be able to get a copy? (The username was kslizzle36.)

    If so, I'd be much obliged!


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  • @kslizzle36-

    Hello! I just checked out your site, and noticed that your blog didn't meet the criteria we had for generating a blog archive: http://kslizzle36.xanga.com/

    That said, we still have the original hard drives with old blogs on them and are looking into plugging them in and generating new archives for older blogs like yours.

    No need to do anything. Thanks for your patience as we work on migrating over more archives!

    Eugenia at xanga.com


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